Your Cellphone

Your phone is covered in bacteria (up to eighteen times more than a public restroom!) and every time you put your phone up to your face, you’re covering your face in that bacteria! Every day, take some time to wipe your phone down with a moist disinfectant wipe. This simple change will save your face from tons of harmful germs.

Lack of Sleep

Sleep is a time for your body to restore itself—including your skin! Lack of sleep is harmful to your skin, and you may begin to show signs of wrinkle and aging. Not getting an adequate amount of sleep will lead to dark circles under your eyes and you may begin to see permanent skin damage.

Your Pillowcase

Your pillowcase is crawling with the cells of dead skin and bacteria. Showering or washing your face before bed is pointless when your face is going to be encountering so many oils on your pillowcase. Try to wash or change your pillowcase once a week.

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Touching Your Face

Your hands are covered in oils and bacteria, so when you touch your face, you’re transferring some of those oils and bacteria to your face. This can clog your pores and trigger acne. Be conscious of how often you touch your face—you often don’t even notice when you are.

Along the same lines, popping acne is another harmful habit to your skin. Not only are you transferring the bacteria and oils from your hands, you are increasing your chances of lasting scars and discolorations.

Hot Showers

Sometimes, nothing sounds better than a hot, steamy shower, but what may relax you may actually be harming your skin! Hot steam can strip your skin of its natural, healthy oils and open up your pores to bacteria. Try to keep your showers short and at a lukewarm temperature to improve your skin.

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Too Much Sugar

Sugar is another treat to ourselves that may cause more harm than good! High sugar intake can cause hormonal acne and make your skin stiff. Sugar also makes it difficult for your skin to reduce inflammation and can increase your chance of wrinkles.

Too Much Salt

On the opposite end of the spectrum, too much salt can also harm your skin. Sodium dehydrates your skin and will suck out all oil and moisture. Watch your salt intake to give your skin a moisture boost.


Your morning pick me up may be causing your dry, flaky skin. Caffeine is a natural dehydrator and can suck the moisture out of your skin. Caffeine also makes your liver work overtime which may cause toxins to build up inside your body. Excess toxins cause a disruption in your skin’s ability to restore itself.


Many of us do not drink an adequate amount of water. Dehydration has a direct correlation to our skin. Try to get the suggested amount of water intake each day. Skin needs to be hydrated and water helps flush out the toxins and sugars that are harmful to our skin.

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Dirty Makeup Brushes

Many of us don’t think about washing our makeup brushes—it just escapes us. However, those dirty brushes contain tons of germs you’re transferring directly to your face. They’re breeding grounds for bacteria. Try to wash your brushes every week, if not more often, to help your skin out.


Those who drink alcohol know how easy it can lead to dehydration. Alcohol puts your liver into overtime and dehydrates your skin. Lots of alcoholic drinks also contain high levels of sugar, a double slam against your skin.

Skipping a Workout

When you exercise, you increase your blood flow throughout your body and gives you a healthy glow. Working out also allows your body to remove excess toxins through sweat. When you skip working out, you’re missing blood circulation and maintaining those toxins in your skin.