L.B.’s Breast Augmentation Journey

I had always been a small B, but after breast feeding two children, I was sad to see my already small chest shrink to a AA. Even sports bras were baggy on me. After doing a fair amount of research, I decided to go in for a consult for breast implants. At that time, in 2001, I could have elected to go into a study on Silicone implants, or simply selected salines. I decided I liked the idea of saline implants better, as if they ruptured I wouldn’t have to worry about any loose silicone roaming around my body, and, they were already approved by the FDA.

On October 4th, 2001, I became the proud recipient of textured, round, 350cc overfilled to 375cc low profile saline implants with a crease incision. I loved my saline implants, although I could always feel them. There was slight rippling on the sides, but nothing that others would or did notice, even in a bathing suit. As I “dropped and fluffed,” I could feel the implants at the crease as well. Still, I loved them, and they looked great in a bathing suit, sports bras, etc. They made me feel more confident.

I went scuba diving with them, I went on international flights and carried my heavy luggage, skied, ran, swam, biked, worked out with a personal trainer and kept my pectorals pretty active, and I often slept on my stomach. They were a part of me.

Then, nearly seven years after my breast augmentation, I was on vacation, and I went to take a nap and laid down on my back while in my bathing suit. When I woke up, I looked down, and POOF – my right boob had totally deflated. While I knew it was a risk with Saline implants, I figured I would be in the 96% of the population that does not experience deflation, especially as there was absolutely no trauma at the time of deflation. The ruptured implant was a bit uncomfortable as my skin quickly shrunk around it, but otherwise, as promised, there were no ill side effects.

Once I returned to Colorado, I made arrangements for two consults. One was with Dr. Broadway, as my original surgeon had retired. Nicole from Dr. Broadway’s office quickly responded to my internet inquiry and provided a lot of great information.

Since my original surgery, Mentor had gotten their “Memory Gel” implants approved by the FDA, and I did some research on those. Even if you cut them, the gel is cohesive and doesn’t detach from itself. I knew that even if I had a rupture, although harder to detect without ultrasound (which, since the silicone doesn’t move around your body, didn’t bother me), I would never have to face the deflation situation again – nor would there be floating silicone in my body. Additionally, everyone said they were so much nicer.

Dr. Broadway and his staff patiently answered my questions and helped me select a size that would give me the same size result I had from my saline implants. The office was peaceful, and I also liked that the sign in sheet was confidential. The surgery facility was like a mini-hospital, and it was right next to the office! I was nervous about the anesthesia, and they quickly gave me the phone number of the recommended anesthesiologist, Liz, so that I could call her and feel more comfortable.

The day of surgery I was a bit nervous, having been through it before, and I worried about the pain. Liz did an incredible job with the IV sedation as I had no nausea whatsoever (I had nausea after my first breast augmentation), and Dr. Broadway took extra care to modify my “pockets” and position my new implants perfectly – even though it meant more time in surgery. He wanted to get it right – a goal we shared!

The first time I touched them I nearly cried — not from pain, but because they felt REAL. My boobs and my implants no longer feel like two different things. I can’t stop touching them. No ripples, no water balloon feeling, just squishy boobs. I thought I loved my salines until I felt my new silicones. As it turns out, the rupture of my saline implant was one of the best things to happen to my boobs. If that didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be experiencing the wonder of the new silicones.

Thank you Dr. Broadway and your amazing staff, especially Nicole and Becky. You are a true artist, and your entire team could not be more friendly and supportive.

Warm Regards,