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For 2011

Plastic Surgery Procedures

Ahh…. a chilly February 1st. The thought of getting bikini body ready seems hopeless with snow on the ground, and temperatures dipping below zero. But what do we all know and love about Colorado……warm weather and sunshine are merely right around the corner.

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This is the year to make the change to your body that has been hovering in the back of your mind. Whether it’s breast augmentation to add volume to your bikini top, or VASER Hi Def lipo to help highlight the abs you work so hard for, Dr. Broadway @ bodevolve is the triple board certified plastic surgeon to help you make this change in 2011.
Actual VASER Hi Def Patient of Dr. David Broadway. Abdomen and Flanks
Dr. Broadway is one of the first surgeons in Colorado to offer his plastic surgery patients cell-enriched fat transfer surgeries, as well as the option of fat cell preservation for future fat transfer procedures. Always a leader in offering the most advanced technologies, Dr. Broadway offers his patients cutting edge techniques to shape the most ideal physique.

plastic surgery procedure

From enhancing to sculpting, injecting to preserving, Dr. Broadway is the one best in the business for a reason. Currently booking through late April for most consultations, don’t wait another day to take the first step toward your 2011 plastic surgery procedure. You might miss the boat for a beautiful bikini body!

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