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Stem Cell Enriched Cosmetic Surgery

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Stem Cell Enriched Cosmetic Surgery

Bodevolve, is the first and only cosmetic surgery center in Colorado to offer patients the most natural method of facial, breast and body enhancement, the Stem Cell Enriched Fat Transfer.

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Cell Enriched Cosmetic surgery allows you to use your own fatty tissue, enriched with stem and regenerative cells, to shape and enhance your body without introducing foreign material. Once the fatty tissue is aspirated, your stem and regenerative cells are extracted, processed, and combined with an additional sample of your fat to be reintroduced to the desired location.
Once transferred back into the body, the cell enriched fat will integrate with your existing tissue, enhancing your body and providing a longer lasting, more durable result than the standard fat transfer.

Stem Cell Enriched Cosmetic Surgery

Introducing VASER Hi Def, and now Stem Cell Enriched Cosmetic Surgery, the surgeons at bodevolve are the leaders in offering patients cutting edge techniques and the most advanced technology. Look for our latest ad in Cherry Creek Magazine.

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