Plastic Surgery for Men

More Prevelant Than You Might Think

plastic surgery for men

Actor Blair Underwood of NBC’s The Event was recently on The Doctors show asking the universal question that many men have “how do I maintain my six-pack abs as I age?” The surgeons at bod:evolve have made plastic surgery for men become increasingly popular, and more accepted, because of procedures such as VASER Hi Def lipo, a body sculpting technique that brings out the underlying muscle structure that is being covered by a layer of fat.

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“I think male body contouring is becoming more popular because the knowledge that this procedure exists is finally getting out to the community. One person tells the next, and it spreads. With VASER Hi Def, the way that we approach the patient is a bit different, because we are trying to bring out anatomical detail,” explains Dr. Broadway in an American Health and Beauty article. More and more men are choosing to have plastic surgery because technology has advanced, allowing body contouring procedures to be taken to the next level.
Lipo is no longer only for the patient who is looking to jump-start their weight loss program. Many of the our male bod:evolve patients are currently physically fit, but are having a difficult time removing that last little bit of fat from a specific area of the body. The bod:evolve surgeons can literally sculpt the ideal physique men might be looking for. VASER ultrasound lipo offers fat reduction and precision sculpting to highlight muscles, and our Pure Graft system offers cell enriched fat to be transferred back into the male pecs enhancing the pectoralis major muscle.

plastic surgery for men

With summer right the corner, this is an excellent time to schedule your consultation with Dr. Broadway to learn more about plastic surgery options for men, including gynecomastia. Our office is gender friendly, with male patients constantly walking through our door. You won’t feel out of place when you come to bod:evolve!

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