Colorado’s First Plastic Surgery Practice

to Offer Cell Enriched Fat Transfer


Dr. Broadway and his bod:evolve partners are the first, and only, plastic surgery practice in Colorado to offer their patients stem cell enriched fat transfer procedures.

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This advanced technology takes the patients adipose tissue that is aspirated during their liposculpture procedure, and essentially cleans it free of water, tumescent fluid and other unnecessary debris. This adipose tissue is then processed so that stem and regenerative cells are extracted, and later combined with an additional sample of the patients adipose tissue to form a cell enriched graft. The use of regenerative cells in the graft allows that fat to integrate better with the existing tissue when transferred back into the desired location.
The surgeons at bod:evolve are proud to be one of the first in the nation to offer their cosmetic surgery patients a natural technique to shape and contour the body. The cell enriched fat transfer procedure can be used to enhance the breasts, buttocks, face and traumatic scars, and the pure fat graft allows for a longer more durable result.

stem cell enriched cosmetic surgery

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