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Best Fat Transfer Surgeries

in Denver

Best Fat Transfer Surgeries in Denver

Dr. Broadway at bod:evolve is proud to offer his Denver fat transfer patients, the option of cell-enriched fat transfer during their cosmetic surgery procedure. Transferring fat from an unwanted area of the body to an area of need has a history of over 100 years in plastic and reconstructive surgery practices.

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The advantages of utilizing fat vs. buttock or breast implants:

  • it’s your own tissue
  • it’s typically available and easy to access
  • it can produce very natural looking results

The surgeons at bod:evolve continue to be leaders in cutting edge procedures by offering their patients the most advanced surgical equipment on the market. Cell-enriched fat grafting allows the surgeon to spin out and clean the fat, eliminating water, tumescent fluid and other unnecessary debris. These enriched cells are then transferred back into the patient, and are believed to promote a better fat graft survival because they carry more oxygen and nutrients, and can integrate more successfully with surrounding tissue. Clinical studies have consistently shown that cell enriched cosmetic surgery procedures provide more durable and longer lasting results.

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If you would like to learn more about cell enriched fat transfer procedures that Dr. Broadway offers his Denver plastic surgery patients, please contact us today to schedule your informative consultation.

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