Stem Cell Preservation

For Fat Transfer, Denver, Texas

Stem Cell Preservation For Fat Transfer
Dr. Broadway @ bod:evolve is one of the first plastic surgeons in Colorado to offer his lipo patients, stem cell preservation. This innovative treatment, which is advancing quickly in the cosmetic surgery field, allows patients to remove fat and preserve it for future fat transfer procedures to the face, breasts or buttocks.

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Everyday science and technology continues to advance at an alarming quick pace. Patients used to ask Dr. Broadway why he couldn’t take fat from one less desired area of the body, and transfer it to a more desirable location. For years the technique was in research to be perfected, but now this treatment is no longer a dream of the past, but a successful cosmetic surgery procedure that Dr. Broadway performs at least once a week.
Science has taken another step forward for plastic and reconstructive surgery patients. Take fat from your body today, to restore volume lost in the future. You may be in your mid 30’s today and not noticing the volume in your face beginning to disappear, but in another 20 years, inevitably we experience increased skin elasticity as our collagen fibers begin to break down . If you had preserved the fat that you removed in your 30’s during your VASER Hi Def lipo procedure, now that you are 50, you have an option to replace that volume with your own fatty tissue.
Surgeons are beginning to rely more and more on the use of fat as a natural filler during cosmetic surgery and reconstructive procedures. The process is very simple for the patient. During your liposuction procedure, adipose cells and tissue are aspirated using VASER ultrasound technology. The fat is immediately shipped to a cell bank in Dallas, Texas where it is processed and preserved through cryopreservation. This process allows that fat to retains it’s viability for your future fat transfer procedure to the face, breasts or buttocks.
Stem Cell Preservation For Fat Transfer
There are a number if good reasons to store your fat for future use, not only for cosmetic purposes but cancer reconstruction, and wound care. Dr. Broadway is excited to now offer stem cell preservation to his Denver plastic surgery patients.

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