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Recently I have noticed that many our of Denver lipo patients are confused about the different lipo technologies, and which method is best for them. Patients usually come to the consultation believing they want SmartLipo laser,/a> technology, which Dr. Broadway offers his cosmetic surgery patients, but often times these patients are not fully educated as to what they are asking for, and what limitations they face utilizing laser technology vs. VASER ultrasound technology. I’m not writing this blog to state one is better than the other, but to merely let patients understand the uniqueness of each technology so they can make the best decisions for their upcoming lipo surgery.

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The SmartLipo laser is an advanced piece of equipment that has been marketed by the manufacturer as a less invasive form of lipo. Traditional lipo did not melt the fat but instead the surgeon was aspirating larger chunks of fat, which intern caused disruption of connective tissue and blood vessels. This caused more internal bleeding and more bruising for the patient. The result debulked patients, but they had a tougher recovery and limited skin contraction. In 2006 the FDA approved the SmartLipo machine created by Cynosure. This cutting edge technology allowed the surgeon to use a much smaller cannula which melts the fat into more of a liquid consistency, allowing for easier aspiration and less damage to vital connective tissue. The patient experiences less bruising, swelling and will achieve overall better skin contraction.
The laser lipo is a great option for patients who have one localized area of fat, such as the abdomen. This procedure can be performed under LOCAL sedation, and because it’s one small surface area, the recovery can be a little easier and a little quicker. The Laser technology offers good skin contraction in the weeks following the procedure, and Hi-Def techniques can be offered. However, if patients are looking to have more than one surface area sculpted, such as the abdomen and the flanks, we can no longer offer the procedure under LOCAL sedation. If the procedure is longer than 3 hours, Dr. Broadway will perform the surgery in the main OR under IV sedation with a walking epidural, and will at this point recommend using VASER technology.

VASER ultrasound technology is the number one lipo technology that Dr. Broadway offers his Lone Tree lipo patients. The ultrasonic waves break up and separate the fat cells, which like laser lipo, makes the aspiration much easier for the surgeon, and causes less damage to the internal tissue. This ultrasound technology is often coupled with the Hi Def technique to give patients a highly sculpted, athletic physique. Another big benefit of VASER vs. SmartLipo is that the ultrasound technology does not destroy the fat. The process allows the fat to maintain it’s viability so that it can be transferred back into areas such as the buttocks, face, breasts, or traumatic scars. Dr. Broadway performs almost one fat transfer procedure per week, with the most popular being the fat transfer to the buttocks, and the fat transfer to the face in conjunction with a facelift.

Denver Lipo Surgeons

Again, this blog is to give a very brief explanation of the difference lipo technologies. Both are cutting edge, and both offer their own unique qualities. A consultation with Dr. Broadway is the best way to learn which treatment is best for you so that you can achieve YOUR most desired result.

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