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Breast Implant Removal

Most of the patients that come to me about breast implants are looking to either get new implants or upgrade to a larger size. Recently though, there has been a trend of women who have had implants for 10 – 20 years asking if they can remove them.

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It can be for any number of reasons, but more often than not, it is simply because they have “grown out of that phase in their life,” and just no longer want to have them. Whatever the case may be, I am happy to oblige these cases and easily and safely remove their implants for them.

The implant removal process (known as explantation) is fairly simple and can be performed under LOCAL anesthesia, or LOCAL anesthesia with IV sedation. I simply make a small incision (similar to the one made to originally insert the implant,) and remove the implant from there. Typically the procedure takes less than an hour.

The recovery time is generally very fast, with many patients returning to normal daily activities within a few days. For the first few months, your skin will contract to an extent, on its own. Most women are happy with the result; however some women may choose to come back at a later date for a breast lift surgery, to remove any excess breast tissue. This is all a very personal choice.

Breast Implant Removal

If you think you might be interested in removing your implants, please call my staff and they will be happy to help you schedule a consultation with me, to learn your options.

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