Body Sculpting

Procedures in Colorado

Body Sculpting Procedures in Colorado

Today, more than ever, men and women want to look and feel better about themselves. When diet and exercise aren’t enough, Colorado body sculpting procedures like liposculpture continue to grow in popularity and have become an outpatient surgery with minimal recovery.

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Dr. David Broadway @ bodevolve offers a variety of liposculpture procedures to his patients. For larger areas of the body, Dr. Broadway typically will utilize VASER technology which is performed under IV sedation in conjunction with an epidural. When using VASER technology, patients also have the option of Hi Definition Liposculpture , giving a sculpted muscular appearance without spending hours in the gym.

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For patients who are turned off by IV sedation or general anesthesia, in office laser liposculpture using ProLipo is a great alternative. This cutting edge liposculpture procedure liquefies and removes undesirable deposits of fat while tightening the skin. Patients experience less trauma to underlying tissue and are typically back to work within a few days following the procedure.

If you work out and eat sensibly but still have problem areas of fat, ProLipo might be a great option to help you achieve the body you desire. If have more questions please contact the bodevolve staff. They can answer more questions over the phone or help you to schedule a consultation.

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