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VASER Clinical Roundtable

Best Lipo Procedures

Dr. Broadway was featured in the September/October Aesthetic Guide Clinical Roundtable discussion, offering answers to some of the most commonly asked questions in regard to the newest version of the VASER 2.0 lipo system.

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During the round table 7 plastic surgeons share their knowledge and clinical experience with the VASER ultrasound technology, autologous fat grafting, and the VASER Hi Def technique. The VASER lipo system has been a popular choice for plastic surgeons because the ultrasound technology preserves connective tissue which makes for an easier recovery. The system can be used on bigger patients that need large volume debulking, as well as very lean and fit patients who are looking to take their body to the optimal athletic physique.
VASER technology has opened the door to a completely new demographic of patients, and plastic surgeons can now cater to more men who are looking to eliminate their gut or looking to optimize their six pack abs. Women can expect a beautiful, lean silhouette, and use the fat taken from their abdomen or flanks and transfer it back into their buttocks. You could never do that with traditional tumescent liposuction. The fat was destroyed and lost it’s viability to survive.

VASER technology

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