Jessi’s Week 7 Follow-Up

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Jessi’s Week 7 Follow-Up

We first met Jessi when she was on her way to Dr. Broadway’s office for rhinoplasty and septoplasty procedures. Seven weeks later Jessi is thrilled with the results.


One of the things that surprised Jessi the most was how easy her recovery was. Within a couple days of the procedure, she was back to her normal work routine. Although there were signs of bruising and swelling, Jessi was back and performing at her best. By the time Jessi returned to work she didn’t have any problems with pain management.

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Scuba trip

A couple weeks after the surgery, Jessi and her husband traveled to Australia to scuba dive off the Great Barrier Reef. While in Australia, Jessi performed seven dives. Going into this trip, Jessi worried about how her recent nose job would work with the mask and the equalizing process. Fortunately, Jessi didn’t have any problems scuba diving following her rhinoplasty procedure. The mask fit comfortably on her nose without causing any pain. She was also able to equalize without problems.

In scuba diving, equalizing is when you adjust to the pressure differences between deep water and the surface. Scuba divers commonly feel this pressure in their ears and sinuses. Pinching your nose is a common technique to equalize the pressure. Jessi was concerned that pinching her nose so soon after a rhinoplasty would be painful and potentially damaging. Fortunately, she had no issues equalizing comfortably.

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The main reason Jessi decided to get plastic surgery was because her right septum was deviated. This condition made it harder for her to breathe. Now Jessi gets to breathe easier when she’s sleeping, working out and going about her everyday life. She’s noticed a tremendous difference in her breathing, but Jessi is also extremely satisfied with the aesthetic results. During the operation, Dr. Broadway made some adjustments to the shape of her nose.


Seven weeks later, Jessi is thrilled with the way her nose looks. Even though the bruising and other signs of an operation are no longer visible, there could still be some swelling as the nose continues to heal. It can take up to a year to fully recover from a rhinoplasty, so while Jessi already loves her new nose after seven weeks, she’s excited to see the final results after six months and a year.

Hear more about Jessi’s experience as a patient of Dr. Broadway by watching the complete video series that follows her story.

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