Jessi’s Post-Op Consultation

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Jessi’s Post-Op Consultation

At Jessi’s post-op consultation, Dr. Broadway sits down with her to discuss the results of her rhinoplasty and septoplasty. They discuss her breathing, especially on her right side. The main goal of Jessi’s plastic surgery was to correct her deviated right septum. Since the operation and her recovery, Jessi can breathe a lot easier from both sides of her nose. She especially notices the difference when she’s sleeping at night.

Nose anatomy

Dr. Broadway checks her nose for a smooth profile, evaluating how the dorsum, tip, and columella look after surgery. The dorsum is the long top part of your nose, often called the bridge. The tip is the point of your nose. Below the tip, your columella is the skin that divides your nostrils. Cartilage on the outer sides of your nostrils is called the alae.

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Travel after rhinoplasty

Shortly after her plastic surgery, Jessi traveled to Australia. Going into the trip, she was concerned about whether or not her healing nose would cause her any problems. While the amount of time varies for each patient, most people can fly with no problems a week after a rhinoplasty procedure. Nasal sprays and chewing gum help ease the pressure you’ll feel in your nose. Also, make sure you’re prepared for potential nosebleeds. Before you leave, make sure to consult with your doctor to make sure your nose is healing properly. You don’t want to be out of town and notice an infection or complication.

Exercise after surgery

When it comes to exercise, most patients are cleared for light activity after a week. It usually takes longer before you’ll be able to participate in vigorous exercise. Most doctors suggest about three weeks after your nose job before participating in high-intensity exercise. Even after you’ve been cleared for activity, avoid contact sports that could cause damage to your nose. Your new nose will still be healing for several months after the operation.

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