Is Plastic Surgery Covered by Insurance?

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Is Plastic Surgery Covered by Insurance?

You don’t have to be in sunny California to notice an increase in the plastic surgery industry. Denver plastic surgeons are staying busy with more and more patients seeking procedures. Cost is a big limitation for people and is often one of the main reasons people avoid getting plastic surgery. The good news is that your insurance might cover all or part of your cosmetic surgery. After cancer treatments, traumas or major weight loss, insurance generally helps pay for cosmetic surgeries. Insurance also covers operations that are less well-known. Here are some cosmetic surgeries that are commonly covered by insurance.

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Ear surgeries

Ear surgeries, called otoplasty, are performed to adjust the shape, size or position of your ears. This is typically a cosmetic operation that’s not covered by insurance. In some cases, however, Denver plastic surgeons can also correct the ear’s structure to improve hearing. This would likely be covered by your insurance provider, especially if the procedure is done on a child.

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Eyelid lifts

Blepharoplasty is the technical term for an eyelid lift. With age, the skin around your eyes naturally begins to droop and wrinkle. Surgery on the upper and/or lower eyelids can make you look younger. If the drooping eyelid impairs a patient’s vision, the procedure will be covered by most insurance providers. Not only will you look younger for less, but you’ll also be able to see more clearly.

Mole removal

Historically, moles were signs of beauty. Today, they’re more of a nuisance and can sometimes lead to serious health problems. Mole removal is usually covered by insurance providers, even when it’s benign. If your doctor thinks your beauty marks look suspicious, it’s a good idea to have them removed.

Insurance coverage

In addition to performing quality procedures, many Denver plastic surgeons will help you navigate the insurance process. Depending on your insurance coverage, some plastic surgery procedures are covered. Sometimes, only part of the operation will be covered by medical insurance.

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Rhinoplasties, for example, are usually partially covered by insurance. There are many medical reasons to need a nose job. If you have a deviated septum, medical insurance will likely cover the operation to correct the problem. If you choose to have additional aesthetic work done, this will probably not be covered by insurance. Depending on the doctor, he or she may time the operation. The time spent correcting the deviated septum is billed to the patient’s insurance provider, and the time spent doing cosmetic work is billed to the patient. This billing technique can still save the patient money since the pre- and post-operation consultations would be combined.

Since insurance carriers and coverage are all subject to state laws, the best thing to do is contact a local Denver plastic surgeon for more information. Be sure to communicate with your insurance providers throughout the process, that way you’ll be able to provide them with all the necessary paper work.

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