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Plastic Surgery for the Win: Jourdan’s Plastic Surgery Victory

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Plastic Surgery for the Win: Jourdan’s Plastic Surgery Victory

Jourdan is a fitness expert who recently won the national bikini fitness competition. She attributes her success in part to a breast augmentation from Dr. Broadway. Read more about Jourdan’s story and learn how plastic surgery helped this elite athlete win big.

What competition did you win?

I won first place at a 2017 National Bikini Fitness Competition.

Why did you decide to have surgery?

I was born into fitness (my dad is a national champion bodybuilder) and also born with a body built for athletics. With that being said, I have never had a chest. I have contemplated a breast augmentation for years but always felt it would hold me back from my athletic performance. In the last three years, I have gotten into competing in fitness competitions and this style of training had me at such a low body fat that I literally had nothing on my chest. This started to get very discouraging with how hard I was working for everything else on my body. One day it finally hit me that I wanted to feel proportional and feminine, and hence I decided to start looking into doctors.

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Why did you choose Dr. Broadway? Describe your experience with him.

I went to a few different doctors before going to Broadway. I chose Broadway specifically because of his conservative approach. Many other doctors told me I should go bigger than I was asking for because in the future I would wish I had. However, I wanted to look natural and proportional to my body, not fake, and Dr. Broadway was the first doctor to agree with me. In addition, I did a lot of research and portfolio work as well. Dr. Broadway has an incredible reputation around the world and is such an accomplished Doctor. He is extremely professional and I felt very comfortable with every experience I had with him, including with all his nurses. The process was incredibly thorough.

What was the recovery process like? How did it affect your training for the fitness contest?

I trained super hard before the surgery to allow myself to take some time off to heal after. Immediately after the surgery (which was Wednesday) I took it easy and rested as I was in some pain. However, I am a trainer and I was back at work on Monday. I couldn’t lift any weights (per Broadway’s orders) however, I was able to still train my clients all week. I returned to cardio two weeks after my surgery and it felt great. I returned to lower body weights three weeks after and was able to do almost everything again after four weeks. The rest from surgery was actually good for my body. Getting back into it wasn’t a big deal at all, and I brought an incredible package to the stage for my show!

When/why did you get into fitness competitions?

I have been a trainer for over 10 years, and my dad competed during my whole childhood and still does today. I was never into the vanity side of the sport so stayed away from shows for a long time and focused on triathlons, running races and more athletic sports. However, after suffering from a lot of injuries and feeling slightly burnt out, I felt I needed a new goal. So, I decided to compete. Competing is incredibly taxing on the body so I did 2 shows and then took two years off. This year I decided to do another one with my fiancé because we are getting married in June (competition was in May) so it was a good excuse to get in amazing shape!

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Describe what competitions are like. What do you do to prepare? What do the competitions involve?

When prepping for a show you basically diet for about 12-16 weeks (limited carbs, no eating out, no alcohol, eating every 2-3 hours) and also have to do about 30 minutes to an hour of cardio a day on top of weight training, depending on how much muscle you need to build. For me, I already have a lot of muscle so my weight training was super specific to glutes. Competitions are incredibly taxing on the body and the mind. It is an ultimate test of who has the most discipline.

How did the plastic surgery impact your performance at the competition?

Plastic surgery allowed me to look 100 percent proportional. Dr. Broadway listened to my requests 100 percent, and I looked incredibly natural on stage. The winners of a competition are the ones who look the most proportional (obviously with the right amount of muscle/fat ratios as well).

What are your plans for the future? Will you keep competing? Will you consider additional plastic surgery?

I probably won’t do another show for awhile, as I am focusing on building my career. I am not interested in more surgery at the moment but would absolutely recommend it to anyone after my experience. I am so happy and feel so much more proportional.

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