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Best Breast Augmentation

Results in Denver

Best Breast Augmentation Results in Denver

Many Denver breast augmentation patients are often confused about post-operative recommendations including what type of bra they should select after surgery. Not only do surgeons have different techniques during surgery, but many of them recommend various aftercare instructions as well.

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Dr. Broadway is one of the best and most experienced board certified surgeons in the Denver area and with his years nearly 20 years of experience he strongly recommends that all of his breast augmentation patients wear a supportive underwire bra for 3 months after surgery, including while they sleep.

Once your Mentor implants have settled into the ideal place(which can take 2 days to 3 weeks depending on the patient) we want the implants to be secure in this position during the following weeks until the pocket is fully healed. The right bra plays an important factor in this concept.

Dr. Broadway has elected to carry the “Le Mystere No. 9 Lolita Bra” that was specifically designed by a plastic surgeon for women with breast implants. After your surgery, Dr. Broadway’s staff will help to fit you in the correct bra and teach you what you are looking for when you go to other lingerie stores.

This Le Mystere No. 9 series gives augmented patients much better lateral support, and has a center connector which is wider to accommodate the augmented breast much better than a bra made to fit the natural breast. Our patients love them and say the Le Mystere No.9 is much more comfortable and enhances the look of their beautiful breast implants.

The retail price of the bra is $82.00 but during the month of August, you can purchase a Lolita bra for $60.00. A 20% discount. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment and get fitted for your Lolita bra today!

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