Smart Lipo and Pro

Lipo-Advanced Liposuction Techniques

Smart Lipo and Pro Lipo - Advanced Liposuction Techniques

Liposculpture is becoming the number one most desired cosmetic surgery procedure in the U.S. Advanced technology has taken conventional liposuction techniques to a new level allowing patients to have liposuction procedures with less bruising and swelling, less downtime and smoother, tighter results.

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In 2007 the FDA approved two laser assisted liposculpture techniques called Smart Lipo and Pro Lipo. Both are offered by Denver Colorado, triple board certified surgeon, Dr. David Broadway.

What makes Smart Lipo and Pro Lipo different form traditional liposuction is the preparation process before the fat is removed from the body. Because the laser immediately liquefies the fat cells, the size of the cannula used to suction the fat is much smaller than with traditional liposuction. The cannula also acts as a visual guide, helping Dr. Broadway to make more precise movements to specific pockets of fat. Thus, the patient has a much smaller incision and less trauma to the surrounding tissue leading to a quicker, easier recovery.

Smart Lipo and Pro Lipo - Advanced Liposuction Techniques

Another benefit to the laser lipo is the increased skin contraction patients have after the fat cells are removed. Traditional liposuction procedures were merely “debulking” techniques where fat was removed but leaving patients with lax skin. The laser cannula with both Smart Lipo and Pro Lipo melts the fat, slowly removes the fat, and the remaining tissue that helps your body to heal will contract the lax skin giving patients a tighter, smoother result. The best candidates for Smart Lipo and Pro Lipo are physically fit patients who have small problem areas that won’t respond to diet and exercise. Realistic expectations need to be understood by any patient electing to have a Smart Lipo or Pro Lipo procedure.

Plastic surgery can help to increase your self-confidence, body image, and overall attitude about yourself. Choosing the right doctor is an important first step in the process. Dr. David Broadway has the experience, and knowledge to ensure patients have a successful result. Please contact our office to schedule your consultation where all of your questions will be answered so that you can make a well-informed decision.

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