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Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center (BHSSC) has opened a new center in Dubai, the BHSSCI (Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center International). The BHSSCI is a surgery center that offers patients the opportunity to meet with renowned celebrity doctors from around the world. Our very own Dr. Broadway was invited to not only be a part of this state-of-the-art surgery center, but to also perform the very first cosmetic surgery. 

The Facility

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The support and medical staff are recruited from around the world, united with the goal of developing a world-class facility focused on the patient experience. The American surgeons were also recruited based on reputation, experience and outcomes. 

According to Dr. Broadway, who has now visited Dubai on 3 occasions, the BHSSCIt is one of the best-equipped facilities he has ever operated in. No expense was spared in the design or the finish. It is a beautiful but highly functional facility. 

The 1st Surgery

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With the help of a very impressive staff, Dr. Broadway performed the very first cosmetic surgery procedure in the facility in January. This particular procedure was liposuction, but it is just one of many services offered at BHSSCI. Patients are able to choose multiple cosmetic procedures to reach their desired results. 

Dr. Broadway’s Experience

5c017d30 fe06 48fb be97 62fd3eedac82Dr. Broadway was honored to be considered when the surgeons invited to participate in the clinic were selected.

“I am optimistic that the clinic will be successful and will quickly set a new standard for patients seeking the highest level of service and results.”
-Dr. David Broadway

Dr. Broadway will continue to travel to Dubai on occasion for surgeries. He still continues to spend most of his time at Broadway Plastic Surgery in Denver, CO. If you would like to book your surgery with Dr. Broadway, call us at 303-647-1364. You can also Contact Us online.

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