Which Breast Implant Manufacturer Is The Best?

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Which Breast Implant Manufacturer Is The Best?

3 Primary Breast Implant Manufacturers:

1. Sientra – Dr. Broadway is part of the largest (and ongoing) breast implant study with Sientra.

Sientra offers a shaped in implant in addition to round implants.

Shaped implants provide a textured shell which helps to hold the implant in place (keeps it from turning) and continues to hold the implant’s position better over time. This also offer a more natural appearance to the breast.

Textured implants are very popular in Europe, while smooth implants still being widely used in the United States. Within 5-10 years Dr. Broadway predicts most Plastic Surgeons will start using more textured implants due to their many benefits.

2. Allergan – Large brand that also makes Botox, Juvederm, etc.

3. Mentor – Owned by Johnson & Johnson. Mentor offers saline and silicone implants.

Silicone implant options come in round sizes with 4 different profile options; moderate, moderate plus, high and ultra high.

Moderate implants tend to look a bit more natural. Higher profile implants are narrower and taller, this can provide a lot more volume in the breast.

The disadvantage of the higher profile implant is that it will start to bump out and you might start to see the edge of the implant more readily, which might not look as natural as a moderate implant.

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