Put Your Future Into Your Surgeon’s Hands?

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Put Your Future Into Your Surgeon’s Hands?

Everyone knows plastic surgery is used to alter your body, but in Japan, some people are beginning to wonder if it can alter your future as well. The practice of palm reading is still very popular in the country, and people are starting to tie in an ancient practice with new medical technology to alter what they believe is their life’s path. The result? Better prospects for money, marriage, career, or all of the above. At lease patients hope so. This week, we’ll dive into the history of palmistry in Japan and the surgeon behind the man who’s taking the future into his own hands.

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History of Palmistry

A method of divination used to uncover the future as well as personality characteristics, talents, and individual health, palmistry originated in India before spreading to other countries like China, Egypt, and Greece. Japanese palmistry is actually a fusion of Chinese practices and Western palmistry which was introduced as recently as the early 1900s. Both hands can be read for different reasons, and certain lines mean different things. For example, if your “head line” is more pronounced on your dominant hand, it may mean you have to work harder to be intelligent, whereas if your head line is more pronounced on your non-dominant hand, it may mean you were born with higher intelligence. This is because in Japanese palmistry, your non-dominant hand is typically associated with what was fated from birth while your dominant hand reflects the results of effort over time. It is important to note that Japanese palmistry recognizes the ability for lines to alter, even with encouragement. The practice of growing and manipulating certain lines to increase or decrease their visibility is well documented throughout the history of palmistry.

Meet the Doctor

Takaaki Matsouka, the surgeon behind this new procedure, is taking the idea of altering palmistry lines into the present. According to an interview conducted by Jake Adelstein of the Daily Beast, the phenomenon started in 2011 when a woman asked if Matsouka could reformat her hand to incite good luck. With an electric scalpel, Matsouka burns a shaky, imperfect line into the skin to cause permanent scarring where the patient hopes to improve their future. The procedure, according to the surgeon, is not necessarily hard, but it does require a certain knowledge of palmistry on his part. Typically he has seen men increasing their career and money lines, while women have been altering their marriage and romance lines. While there’s no word yet whether the surgery has worked, Matsouka believes there can be some use for the surgery. By believing that their luck will change, some people may actually make steps to bring truth to their new futures. “Anecdotally I’ve had some success,” he notes, stating that two men had won the lottery and one woman got married not long after her surgery.

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So whether you stick with using a marker, or want to make a more permanent change in your future, there could be hope. The surgery costs right at about $1,000 in American money, but that’s excluding the cost of an international flight. But who knows, you may be able to pay for all of it after you win the lottery, just make sure to inform the doctor that you want an extended money line!

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