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Opening of Renewal

Surgery Center

Opening of Renewal Surgery Center

Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Broadway and Dr. Millard are excited to announce the Renewal Surgery Center is officially open, allowing their patients to have surgery in a newly renovated, state-of-the-art facility dedicated to plastic surgery procedures.

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Renewal Surgery Center was designed by Dr. Broadway and Dr. Millard to redefine the way aesthetic services are delivered. It was their goal to offer a surgery center that would exceed all other surgical facilities in the state of Colorado, offering patients highly trained staff that is supportive and caring about your choice to have plastic surgery.

Renewal Surgery Center denver

Your surgery will be in a comfortable environment, surrounded by windows that face our beautiful Colorado mountains. Surgeries are performed utilizing the most advanced surgical equipment, much of which is only offered through bod:evolve. The MPX by Smart Lipo is the newest version of the Smart Lipo family and is only available at our facility.

By providing outstanding physical facilities, highly qualified personnel, and the most advanced surgical equipment, Dr. Broadway and Dr. Millard believe your expectations from plastic surgery to recovery will be far surpassed.

If you have tried diets and exercise, but still don’t have the body you desire, Dr. Broadway can help. Schedule a plastic surgery consultation at Broadway Plastic Surgery today.

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