Haircuts and glasses that feature your face

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Haircuts And Glasses That Feature Your Face

Your face is featured in the way you style your hair and in the frames of your glasses. The right style will either highlight your best look or emphasize your insecurities. Knowing your face with its unique shape and features will help you pick glasses and hairstyles that enhance your appearance.

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Framing your face

A general rule for choosing the right frames for your face is to match the glasses to your facial features. If you have a small, narrow face, look for smaller glasses with a narrow frame. If your face is larger and longer, look for frames that compliment that.

Your face shape is determined by its width and length. Exact measurements aren’t as important and having a general understanding of your features. The width of your glasses should match the width of your face, whether that’s narrow, medium narrow or wide. The length of your face is measured from your chin to your hairline. If you have a tall face, look for glasses with tall lenses to help create a balance. People with shorter faces should look for glasses with shorter lenses and thin frames so the glasses don’t overwhelm your face.

Round faces

Faces that are widest at the cheekbones with a round, fuller jawline look best with long, layered haircuts. For inspiration look at how Drew Barrymore or Kelly Clarkson style their hair. Round faces can pull off frames that have strong angular shapes.

Oval faces

Oval faces are characterized by curved, slightly narrow lowliness and higher cheekbones. This is a well-balanced shape that’s known for its versatility. Jessica Alba and Kate Middleton are famous oval faces. When it comes to haircuts, pretty much anything goes, just don’t add volume to the top of your hair. Square and rectangular frames look good on people with oval faces but a variety of frames will work with this shape. If you have an oval face, look at your other facial features instead of deciding haircuts and glasses based on your face shape.

Square and rectangular faces

Broad foreheads and strong, square jawlines create a square face shape. Long hair or a soft layered bob look best on people with square faces. Try not to accentuate your jaw with straight bangs and opt for the side-sweeping look instead. Jessica Simpson and Demi Moore are two celebrities with square faces. Oval, rounded frames on your glasses help soften the lines of your face. Rectangular faces and square faces have similar strong lines but people with a rectangular face have more length. Frames with round edges and larger lenses help break up the length of your face.

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Heart faces

The heart face shape has a narrow chin with a broad forehead. Reese Witherspoon is a classic heart-shaped example. Heart hairstyles should avoid adding height at the crown of your head. Try a chin-length bob with the ends tapered to show off your tiny chin. People with this shape should look to balance the different widths of their face with frames that match that.

Disguise large noses

In addition to the overall shape of your face, your facial features can affect your style. Many men and women are uncomfortable with their noses, especially if they feel it’s larger than normal. People with large noses can alter their hairstyles to distract from a bigger beak. Layers are one way to add softness and create interest that takes the eye off of your nose. Longer hair, side parts and side sweeping bangs also draw attention away from your super-sized sniffer. Avoid straight, flat hair and sharp bangs, which will accentuate the size of your nose.

If you’ve tried all the tips and tricks to disguise the size of your nose but are still not happy with your appearance, consider a surgical solution. Rhinoplasty procedures can address all your insecurities, including an extra wide nose, large nostrils or a nose that sticks out too far from your face. Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss all your nose-job options.

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