The Plastic Surgery Procedure Men are Flocking Toward

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The Plastic Surgery Procedure Men are Flocking Toward

by | Nov 8, 2017

It’s No Shave November! Unfortunately for some men, growing out your beard for charity is impossible. That’s because some men are always sporting what society has labeled the “perpetual baby face.” What makes certain beards grow in thick and ready to protect against the winds of a Colorado winter and others grow in so brittle and weak? This week, we’re basing this beard-related banter on two essential questions: why can’t some men grow beards? and are there any solutions for those who can’t? Find out the answers in this week’s blog.


Why Can’t Some Men Grow Beards?

There’s a common question that is rarely answered correctly: “Why can’t I grow a beard?” Unfortunately, the common answer is “you don’t have enough testosterone.” That answer does not tell the whole biological story. Yes, your testosterone levels play a role in beard growth, but how your body interprets testosterone is the real deciding factor on whether or not you’ll be able to grow a beard. So, at the end of the day, the sensitivity of your testosterone receptors is the real reason you have bare or bearded cheeks. What decides the sensitivity of your testosterone receptors? You guessed it: genetics! You can thank your parents for your ability or inability to grow a beard. Men who grow beards are typically more sensitive to testosterone and react to it more intensely. However, bare faced men shouldn’t despair. Sensitivity to testosterone is also common in men who suffer from male patterned baldness, so while you many not have the fullest beard, you’re more likely to keep the hair on your head!


Solutions for Men Who Can’t Grow Beards

One burgeoning solution for men with thin beards and bare faces is the beard transplant surgery. The subject of a 2014 article by Chris Boyette of CNN, beard surgery is growing in popularity. The surgery is most commonly used on men who have either natural patches in their beard or have some type of facial scarring which changed the structure of their beard. The procedure takes hair follicles from your head and implants them into your face. The surgeon must be sure to implant them in the face and neck at a natural angle or the finished project will be an unruly mess of hair growth in different directions. Usually results are seen after a single procedure which can last up to five hours. Other remedies for beards include beard balms and oils which can be purchased online and homemade remedies, although the effectiveness of either of these options varies from person to person. Beard balms are a type of pomade created to shape, nourish, and seal the beard while oils are a type of conditioning treatment which is also beneficial for the skin underneath the hair. Both have inherently different qualities and there are hundreds of oils and balms on the market today. Unfortunately, the only way to decide what treatment is right for each individual is to test out what works and what doesn’t. There are men who swear by one beard oil or another, only to receive dissent from a person for whom the product had no effect at all.

This No Shave November, what’s the state of your beard? Share this article with your bare-faced buddy or your bearded-bro and see what they think about beard transplant surgery!

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