The Best of the

Best Breast Augmentation

The Best of the Best Breast Augmentation

Dr. Broadway was featured last Tuesday on KDVR’s Good Day Colorado promoting new developments in Colorado breast enhancement procedures, primarily focusing on pioneering VASER Hi Def Breast.

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Every few years the traditional breast augmentation gets a lift (pun intended) with new developments, whether it is improved implants, insertion techniques, or breast lifts with virtually no scarring. Dr. David Broadway’s contribution to the ever popular surgery isn’t so much a lift to this art form as it is a revolution. Combining the new, spreading-like-wildfire VASER Hi Def LipoSculpture procedure, with his already renowned breast augmentation techniques, Dr. Broadway has created what might possibly be the ultimate breast augmentation, a new pinnacle in breast enhancement innovation: VASER Hi Def Breast.

So amazing and providing such stunning results, Good Day Colorado invited Dr. Broadway to speak on a segment informing patients of this exciting option. Traditional breast augmentations are great, but the difference between this procedure and VASER Hi Def Breast is like buying a BMW versus buying a BMW with all the options,” proclaims Dr. Broadway, “and for women looking for the absolute best-of-the-best this is a very important difference.”

What sets Denver, Colorado triple board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Broadway apart from his fellow colleagues is the extensive training and certifications he has received, as well as the fact that he is an international instructor teaching other surgeons how to perform cutting edge procedures, taking standard breast augmentation to another level with extraordinary results.

Don’t settle for average results when you have a skilled plastic surgeon right here in Denver Colorado that will help you achieve the “best of the best” results.

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