Natural Breast Implants

for Colorado Dynamic Women

Natural Breast Implants for Colorado Dynamic Women

Unfortunately in our society, the breast augmentation surgery is misunderstood. Many women believe that if you have breast implants this also means that you have to have huge breasts.

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Dr. Broadway takes pride in his beautiful, natural results. Patients are very happy because when they come to see Dr. Broadway for a breast augmentation consultation, they are surprised to find that Dr. Broadway will typically recommend anywhere from a 200cc implant up to 350cc. This range of breast implant is a very natural approach and gives women a very natural result. Our patients are very happy because they do not ever feel too big, and their breasts typically do not become very droopy as time and gravity marches on. Dr. Broadways results are so proportionate to the woman’s body structure that many people would question if a woman really has breast implants.

Natural Breast Implants

Many women that come to see Dr. Broadway for a consultation explain to him that they are very active and are worried that breast implants will interrupt their dynamic lifestyles filled with activities such as running, rock climbing, biking, etc. Not only do smaller breast implant sizes look more natural, but they also allow women to continue physical activities and sports without feeling heavy or becoming droopy.

Dr. Broadway has taken a step in a different direction with breast augmentation surgeries because he enhances women’s breasts giving them a subtle, yet beautiful change. Dr. Broadway prefers to avoid going with too big of an implant because women are happier with their outcome when they can continue to be very active, and athletic but still have feminine curves and feel sexy.

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