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Dr. Broadway on

Extra with Hi Def Arms

Dr. Broadway on Extra with Hi Def Arms

If you saw Extra last week then you probably were excited to recognize our very own Dr. Broadway being interviewed with his patient for VASER Hi Def Arms.

Dr. Broadway and Dr. Millard @ bod:evolve specialize in VASER Hi Def procedures and are the only two plastic surgeons in Colorado to offer this advanced form of liposculpture creating a more defined, athletic appearance.

VASER Hi Def Arms

VASER Hi Def lipo can be performed on the abdominals, back, hips, flanks, and now arms. Don’t settle for traditional liposuction and average results when you have two of the most experienced Hi Def plastic surgeons in the nation right here in Denver Colorado. Utilizing VASER technology in combination with specialized technique, Dr. Broadway and Dr. Millard offer their patients more advanced, more sculpted results.

We will have Dr. Broadway’s Extra segment posted on the website within the next few weeks but until then please visit the link below to view our very own Celebrity Plastic Surgeon.

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