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Augmentation Alternative Procedures

 Breast Augmentation Alternative Procedures

Dr. Broadway was featured on the first page of The Denver Post last Thursday, June 25th under the title “Get the fat out below, put it on top.”

After scheduling a consultation with Dr. Broadway, our patient elected to have liposculpture of her back and flanks with a fat transfer to her breasts. The procedure was very successful and the patient looks beautiful. “I just look amazing,” states Sherri five days after her procedure.

Fat transfer procedures have always been offered by Dr. Broadway and Dr. Millard @ bod:evolve to the male pecs and buttocks, but only recently has the ASPS given surgeons the green light to begin offering this cutting edge technique to women looking to enhance the volume in their breasts without using an implant.

 Breast Augmentation Alternative Procedures

If you are interested in this advanced body sculpting procedure, offered by one of the best plastic surgeons in Colorado, call today to schedule a consultation. Our bod:evolve facility strives to be at the forefront of innovative technology and is one of the first cosmetic surgery facilities in Colorado to offer fat transfer to female breasts.

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