BREAST “EXPLANT” PROCEDURE – When is it time to remove breast implants?


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Why would someone choose to remove the breast implants they originally wanted so badly?  Just as choosing to have a breast augmentation is a personal decision, so is choosing to have those implants removed.  It is equally as important to have the right plastic surgeon perform this procedure as it is for the initial augmentation.


Body ideals are constantly changing

Throughout history, what is considered to be the “ideal woman’s body” has evolved and changed. At one time, a round plump body was considered the most beautiful, as it was indicative of wealth and privilege. Later, the waifish, super skinny, fashion model body type, was what so many women strived for. After that, the buxom, Bay Watch lifeguard, body type was considered to be the most sexy and easily attainable with plastic surgery.  Today, there’s a trend toward a healthy, natural, and athletic body type, as highly desired by many women, and that often means smaller breasts.

Health and comfort

Some women do not like the way their implants feel. As technology has evolved, so has the composition of breast implants. Silicone evolved into saline-filled, then into very natural feeling silicone gel of various shapes and sizes depending on each person’s anatomy and desired look. While many people at one time felt safer with saline implants, they often didn’t look or feel natural.  While, there is a slight risk for ALCL (a type of lymphoma) with textured implants, the current gel implants have proven to cause no increased risk for breast cancer, and they have nearly replaced the saline filled implant entirely.

Mammograms, for women with breast implants, are more difficult to read. These patients require additional images for a comprehensive analysis, but those with a history or higher risk of breast cancer have, at times, chosen to have implants removed so that their mammograms are easier to read and risk of missing a potential problem is reduced.

Some women experience discomfort as the result of a complication such as capsular contracture or hardening of the tissue around the implant.  Others, who have chosen very large implants, may experience discomfort over time, with the weight of their implants on the breast muscles, breast tissue, shoulders, and back.

Poor positioning of the implant

Whether the implant was improperly placed initially, or the implant has migrated due to a trauma or the over-working of the breast muscles through physical activity, a mal-positioned implant can lead to asymmetry, or even physical discomfort.

Age appropriateness  

There are times when older patients feel that the appearance of their breast implants do not fit the look of the rest of their body as they age. Some women feel that large firm breasts can look unnatural on an older woman’s body and these patients may have changing aesthetic goals for themselves throughout their lives.

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Often a patient will choose to have their implants removed with no other aesthetic procedure. If the implant is small and tissue is elastic enough, the breast can heal and return close enough to its original state with no other procedure required. Many times, this can be accomplished using local anesthesia with milder sedation.

Removal and Replacement

This combination of procedures can accomplish the goal of removing an original implant and replacing it with a higher quality and possibly even a revised size of implant for a patient’s desired look.

Removal and Fat Transfer

Removing of an existing set of implants and replacing the volume with fat acquired from another part of the patient’s own body is often desired by patients. This allows the breast to retain some volume and to accomplish it without an implant.

Removal and Breast Lift

This may be required when a patient has had large implants removed or when the breast tissue and skin does not have good elasticity. The skin may not contract back to its original state leaving a deflated appearance. A breast lift can help with skin and tissue droopiness as well as nipple position on the breast once an implant has been removed.


As with any surgical procedure, there are some risks and it is extremely important to have a board certified plastic surgeon perform the procedure or combination of procedures.  Dr. Broadway is one of very few quintuple board certified surgeons in the United States. Dr. Broadway can assess each patient’s desired outcome in relation to each patient’s anatomy and medical history, in order to help the patient choose the best procedure for their needs. In addition to meeting with our doctors, Broadway Plastic Surgery’s highly qualified staff will meet with each patient and review in detail, the specific requirements, risks, and recommendations for their procedure options.  Contact us to schedule your consultation. Call 303.680.8989 or email

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