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Feeling good about the way you look can positively affect so many areas of your life. Today more than ever, people of all ages are choosing surgical and non-surgical procedures to help restore and rejuvenate.

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Cosmetic surgeons Dr. David Broadway and Dr. Cisco Sanchez-Navarro offer a variety of body sculpting techniques that can reshape almost any part of your body, eliminating fat that is unresponsive to diet and exercise, as well as tightening loose skin. For a toned, fit, lean appearance, consider one of these cutting-edge body-sculpting options offered at Broadway Plastic Surgery, Denver, Colorado’s center of excellence.

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Body Sculpting in Denver
Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent Liposuction is traditional liposuction can performed under local anesthesia, general anesthesia or IV sedation. Tumescent liposuction does not incorporate any technology that helps to emulsify the fat before its removal. We typically reserve this traditional method of liposuction for more limited and specific areas of fat removal.

Pro Lipo

Pro Lipo

Pro Lipo targets fatty tissue with fiber-delivered laser energy. Pro Lipo is typically done under local anesthesia. With the Pro Lipo procedure, Dr. Broadway or Dr. Cisco will remove unwanted fat as well as sculpt the remaining fat, giving the patient a more desired result.

Smart Lipo

Smart Lipo

Smart Lipo uses advanced laser technology to remove unwanted fat from areas of the body. Smart Lipo procedures are typically performed under a local anesthetic, helping you recover more quickly and get back to normal activities in just a few days.

VASER LipoSelection

VASER LipoSelection

VASER LipoSelection is a combination of new patented ultrasound energy technology combined with advanced surgical techniques that break up and remove fat deposits, particularly from stubborn areas of the body where fat pockets have resisted your best efforts at dieting and exercise. VASER Liposelection is used if a patient chooses to have VASER Hi Definition Liposculpture, a surgical technique with the goal of a more defined athletic appearance.

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Broadway Plastic Surgery Denver

Contact our body sculpting office to schedule a private consultation with Denver, Colorado quintuple board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Broadway or quintuple board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Cisco. This is the next step to determine which Denver body sculpting procedure is the best option to give you that desired outcome. One of our highly trained plastic surgeons will spend time with you to understand your concerns, discuss the expected outcomes for surgery, and explain your procedure in detail, while answering all of your questions.

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