Denver SmartLifts™

Denver SmartLifts™ by Broadway

Denver SmartLifts

Dr. Broadway and Dr. Khoury of bod:evolve are proud to be one of only five cosmetic surgery facilities in the United States to offer patients a new, minimally invasive facelift technique called the SmartLift™.

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The SmartLifting™ technique incorporates laser technology by Cynosure, either alone or in conjunction with a mini facelift. The laser technology is used underneath the skin surface to help stimulate collagen growth and tighten the skin. This new technology offers a range of benefits, including shorter operating time, quicker recovery, less swelling and bruising, increased safety, fewer complications, and improved skin tightening as patients heal.

The innovative technique is extremely effective and can be offered to our Denver facial plastic surgery patients under LOCAL anesthesia. Dr. Broadway will use the SmartLipo machine (which is used for many of our body contouring procedures) to heat the skin from underneath and in some cases, combine this with selective facial lipo. The laser and the aspiration allow for skin tightening through tissue coagulation.

Some patients may also elect to have their skin resurfaced from the outside, essentially lasering the skin from both sides for the best skin contraction.


The SmartLifting™ technique offers patients cutting-edge facial rejuvenation options. By effectively firming the skin and tissue around the face, neck and jowls through collagen stimulation, patients can now look and feel more youthful with a shorter recovery time.