Permanent Lip Augmentation

in Denver, Lone Tree and Highlands Ranch

Permanent Lip Augmentation

One of the greatest challenges in plastic surgery for the face has been to find a permanent solution to fill in line and wrinkles and to plump up the lips. Many patients opt for dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane, but these specific products are temporary and unpredictable with respect to how long they will last in particular patient.

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Over a certain amount of time, they can become costly to a patient, and the fullness to the area injected is continuously being metabolized by the body, so the overall fullness can be lost.
Dr. Broadway is now offering his Colorado plastic surgery patients the PermaFacial Implant. This is a safe, definitive solution for lip augmentation patients, to enhance and make fuller. The Perma Facial implant is approved by the FDA and has undergone extensive clinical testing to ensure safety and efficacy. This soft, smooth silicone implant is solid, and contoured to the shape of your lips, eliminating any chance for rupture or lumpiness. It’s offered in a variety of sizes so that the patient can tailor their lip augmentation.
The implant can be removed at any time, and is offered to our Denver cosmetic patients either under LOCAL sedation in the office setting, or in conjunction with a plastic surgery procedure, such as breast augmentation.

Permanent Lip Augmentation

Dr. Broadway has been offering fat transfers to the face for over a year now and is now excited to also offer this permanent lip augmentation to his plastic surgery patients in Lone Tree, Centennial, and Littleton.

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