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World Scalpels: Plastic Surgery Tourism

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World Scalpels: Plastic Surgery Tourism

Adventure, relaxation, cheap rhinoplasty: there are a lot of reasons to travel. While that last point may seem ridiculous to some, the plastic surgery tourism industry is gaining steam. Surgery seekers are finding plastic surgery specialties in terms of both price and procedure across the globe. Here are a few of those specialties along with some words of caution for choosing an overseas procedure.

Brazilian Butt-lifts

Over 50,000 buttocks augmentations are performed annually South America’s plastic surgery capital. Although they rank number two in the world for breast augmentations by the US, it is Brazilian booties that have long been lauded over by the world and now their doctors are cashing in on that branding.

Chinese Facial Augmentation

Practice makes perfect, and with over two million facial reconstructions per year in China, their doctors’ quality is beginning to show. Unfortunately for bargain hunters, that also means the price for plastic surgery is rivaling the US. For anyone looking for an excuse to head to the far east, though, facial augmentation surgery is an excellent excuse

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Iranian Nose-jobs

The traditional hijab covers a solid portion of a woman’s face excluding the nose. That’s a big reason why the country reports more than four times as many rhinoplasty procedures than any other country.

Travel agencies that cater to plastic surgery tourism price out the cost of the whole trip including hotel, travel, pre and post-op consultation to be from $5500-$7000.

Words of Caution

For all plastic surgery tourists, the simplest advice we have is be wary. The American Medical Council ensures that high quality and clean procedures are happening here in the United States. Traveling abroad for surgery, you forfeit that piece of mind. Few if any foreign regulatory boards, especially those in countries offering “bargain deals”, can provide the assurance the AMC does. So, while we always want to provide you with the most information for your plastic surgery decision, consider that and be sure you have confidence in your doctor.

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