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Breast reduction surgery performed by the highly qualified surgeons at Broadway Plastic Surgery in Denver, Colorado can help alleviate many physical complications of having large breasts.

Complications of Large Breasts

Breast reduction (also known as reduction mammoplasty), a procedure for individuals with very large breasts, is an important procedure for some women. 

Large breasts may develop very early in life or sometimes after having children.  Often times a patient’s primary complaint isn’t the large size of their breasts; instead, they will present to their physician/surgeon with back pain and neck pain that they have endured for many years stemming from their heavy breasts.  They have become tired of the weight of the breasts, the sagging, the inability to find bras that fit and are comfortable, hopelessness in finding clothes that fit their figure appropriately, difficulties with sports and working out, and even rashes under their breasts.  Others even experience chronic headaches, numbness in their fingers and possible cervical degenerative joint disease.  Though there are considerable physical symptoms associated with these large breasts, most importantly these patients may suffer from emotional distress.  Some of these can lead to mental health issues.

Is surgery the best option for me?

Patients typically attempt conservative measures to reduce the size of their breasts, such as weight loss, but these often fail. Everyone’s bodies are different. In a majority of cases, surgical intervention is the only definitive solution for the complications that come along with large breasts. 

The breast reduction surgery removes excess skin, fat and glandular breast tissue to shape the breasts into a size that is more proportional for the patient’s figure.  In addition to making the breast more aesthetically pleasing for the patient, this surgery does a remarkable job of alleviating the pains of heavy breasts.  Though many incisions are used to recreate the breasts, the scars are considered aesthetically pleasing by most patients.  The incisions are made around the areola, down the center of the breast and along the breast fold. These incisions allow us full access to all of the contents of the breast and also allow us to raise the nipple and areola to a more youthful position.

Women with heavy breasts who suffer from self-image issues, pain, and difficulty leading active lifestyles should contact us. Dr. Broadway and Dr. Cisco are here to help you make a decision and, if surgery ends up being the best option for you, they will help you through your transformation. Book a free consultation today.

Breast Reduction

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To find out which breast surgery procedures are right for you, please contact The Broadway Center for Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation with an experienced breast surgeon. We serve patients throughout the Denver-metro area in Colorado.

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